Thursday, April 23, 2009

Profile #8 - LEO

This is Leo.

He is married to Rachel (seen below). I met him the same night that I met Jon (seen further below).

Leo is one of my favorite friends.

He is a really talented artist and furniture designer. Plus, he could probably fix anything that is broken.

He lives out in the woods of Arkansas and builds furniture, creates new inventions, works on old cars and rides a four-wheeler all day. I can totally picture him doing it shoeless and shirtless in overalls, too.

He is so encouraging to me. Even though he lives far away and his phone doesn't get reception where he lives, he still calls, texts or emails whenever he can to see how I am and to give an encouraging word. It really means a lot.

Leo is quiet and calm, cool and collected, laid back and witty, and he's a really great friend.

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