Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Profile #7 - RACHEL

Meet Rachel.

She's a super talented artist, a funky dresser, a killer yodeler, and a sassy little farm girl.

She's gonna be a mom soon, and she's gonna be a wonderful one for sure!  

I haven't known her for too long, and not long after we met, she and her husband moved away to the woods in Arkansas.  Sigh.  Too bad.

Even so, she remains a great friend.

This is Rachel and it's an honor to incorporate her and her long red hair in my album art!


  1. Hey! It's me! My profile is honored to be of use to you and your music. Hope all is well with the Hales! When are we going to meet up at your parents cabin? I probably can't get off on a Saturday for a, someday. Norton (or Nortonia) just moved around...I think he(or she) was waving and saying hi.