Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Sometimes, in the middle of holidays where we celebrate family and friends and count our blessings, tragedy strikes and we are reminded of how much time we have on earth. It can leave my head swirling to think about the great mysteries of life and death.

Reality strikes and Despair comes in like a bully from middle school that I've been trying to avoid, but he just keeps coming back and punching me in the gut.

Life is so short. And Time is constantly counting down for each of us.

Loved ones pass on. And, with each passing, a void is left that it seems can't be filled.

An empty chair at the table.
A distant voice that slowly fades from our memory.

I can't help but hope for a future reunion. Our goodbyes are only temporary, right?
If there's nothing better on the other side then what's it all for? What keeps us hanging on?

Death is this mystery that I will never, ever, ever understand. Until I meet him. And I will one day.
I can fear him, or I can choose to believe that he's just another bully, like Fear and Despair, that doesn't ultimately have the last word. He's just some jerk that looks and acts tougher than he actually is. 
Truth is, he already got his.

So, this holiday season, I'm gonna look those bullies in the eyes and tell 'em to eff off. There's no room for them around here. 
'Cause this season is all about my friend, Hope. 
The friend I choose to believe in.
A friend that steps in when I really need him and creams the bullies that crowd the playground.

This holiday season, I'm gonna celebrate.

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