Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aaron Hale & friends - Lenten Hymns Vol. I

The season of Lent is coming up next week (beginning with Ash Wednesday, March 9th) and me and the band have decided to record some of our favorite hymns and release a collection for you (our friends) to have!

During the 40 days of Lent, I will be posting a new hymn every Sunday on my bandcamp site for you to download.

Then, at the end of the season (on Easter Sunday) we will have the entire collection available as a digital downloadable EP for you to own and listen to anytime, at your own leisure, forever!

We hope that these hymns will bring you to a place of penitence and prayer, assisting you in fixing your eyes to the cross of Jesus and leads you to the miracle of Easter, where Love's redeeming work was done and where Christ won the eternal battle over sin and death.

The first hymn will be available on Sunday, March 13th here: http://aaronhale.bandcamp.com

(Lent is the season of preparation - through prayer, penitence and self-denial - for the annual commemoration during Holy Week of the death and resurrection of Jesus. It culminates in Easter, when we celebrate the day that Jesus rose from the grave and conquered death, forgiving all of our sins.)

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  1. Bro, definitely excited about this! Going to be a backdrop and reminder during fasting and all the fun of Shepherd's arrival!