Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Missing Piece? (Adoption Update)

As you know, my wife, Heather, and I are well into the adoption process and, as we progress, your support is appreciated more than you know.

The process is long and SUPER expensive (close to $30,000). That is scary, right?

We are positive that God has called us to this adoption and we trust that He will provide, as He has so faithfully already.

We thank you so much for your prayers and gifts. So many people have been lifting us up in prayer and encouraging us daily as we go through this journey. It's incredible. We could never do this alone, so please don't stop. Pray that God will continue to reveal His plan and perfect will for our family and that He will keep our boy (Arthur) safe and sound as we work so diligently to bring him home.

Perhaps God is calling you to be a part of this with us. Maybe He wants to use you to help us financially. We would welcome that, as well...


In an effort to help us raise the funds we need for the rest of our adoption costs, we bought this 340 piece puzzle...

The title of the puzzle is "Two Friends"... It was designed in 1950 by artist, Adam Styka.

If you know me, you know that I love 1950's cowboy stuff. And, probably to my wife's chagrin, I have been eyeing a lot of it for Arthur's future room.

So, I bought this puzzle... and here's why...

We're inviting you to "sponsor" a piece of the puzzle for $10. With each piece of the puzzle you sponsor, we'll write your name on the back and put that piece of puzzle into place. A permanent reminder of the part you played in our adoption story.

Once all the pieces are "sponsored" and the puzzle is complete, we are going to frame it in double-sided glass and hang it in Arthur's room. It will be a constant reminder for us and Arthur of all those who prayed for and financially supported us on this journey.

As we continue on the road, I will post updates of our puzzle progress on this blog to show how close we are to completing this fundraiser.

God has big plans for us, and for Arthur, and for you. Will you join us as we follow God's calling to give Arthur the home that was always planned for him? Maybe you're the missing piece that God wants to use.

*If you wish to sponsor puzzle pieces (feel free to give more than $10), you may do so by clicking on the "donate" Paypal button located on the right side of my blog... or you can send it to our home address - email me for directions:

Thank you again for your support in all aspects of this story.

**By the way, I got the idea from this blog:


  1. i LOVE this idea and will be supporting this. excited for you guys, and little Arthur!

  2. Hey Aaron, I have been reading your wife's blog for a while and my hubby and I are looking to start our application for Ethiopia through America World this summer. We LOVE this idea and, with your blessing, hope to steal it someday. Glad to support a piece for little Arthur. Praying for your forever family! Eric and Jess Soete