Thursday, October 28, 2010

What People Are Saying About GHOSTLY

Here are just a few reviews of GHOSTLY EP (which you can buy RIGHT HERE!):

"Following in the steps of artists like Robbie Seay and Leeland, Aaron Hale puts forth a very worthy glimpse into what a full length might look like. A steady, but very vulnerable voice leads the charge while his acoustic guitar (and other instruments) play the accompanying part. “Ghostly” definitely sticks as the most memorable track, even though “Wake Within Me” and “Got A Lot To Give” feel just as intriguing in the moment."

- The Album Project (

"I'm always down for a great album. An album you can wake up to on a warm sunny day, or fall asleep to on a cold Texas night. Aaron Hale’s new EP Ghostly is just that. I’ve been listening to this EP on repeat the last 2 days… so good…"

- Patrick Rutherford (

"Sweet melodies, soft instrument sounds that are laced with strong lyrics that challenge.

What I love about this EP is that the music is stripped back, not over produced, but raw and honest. Every element can be heard and when you listen to it again you can hear something that you didn’t hear the first time around. Definitely one for any fan of David Bazan, Fleet Foxes or if you just want something to compliment some quiet time on a nice sunday afternoon."

- Tim Griffin (

"Aaron’s new EP toes the line between pop and the unexpected in a pleasing way. I think both sides of the musical isle might find something to grab onto with this EP. It’s not a straightforward Christian worship album full of expected crescendos and melodies, yet it remains very accessible melodically. In fact, it nears the ‘infectious’ realm of melody.

These three songs hint at Robbie Seay’s style in that it doesn’t take long to catch the tune and sing along. But it’s worth the fight to just shut up and listen because Aaron’s performance on the album is compelling."

- Josh Rosenthal (

"After spending the summer leading worship at various events throughout the southeast, Aaron Hale is ready to settle into fall with the release of a new EP. Although the title may sound appropriate for late October, the theme gives a fresh perspective on what it means to be Ghostly.

The first track majors on ethereal purity and the weightlessness available through forgiveness. "Ghostly" lands in the ear as a pleasant and original tune. The end of this song has a slow swell into repetition of the line "there is hope for me". This message is an inspiring, fuss-less theme that encourages the listener beyond the circumstance of heavy brokenness. "Ghostly" has a deeper personal meaning with every listen.

The second track, "Got a Lot to Give" may have been written as a personal anthem for Aaron and his wife Heather (who are in the process of adopting a little boy named Arthur from Ethiopia), but the message is applicable to anyone who wishes to emulate the teachings of Jesus into their lives in order to love those around them in a truer, more self-less way. Aaron captures the struggle to do this. This song communicates the feeling of having much to offer while simultaneously facing the complicated red tape of not knowing "the right way" and not "having the words" to bring about the desired change in one's self and surroundings.

"Wake Within Me" was co-written with
Robbie Seay. This talent combination results in lyrics made of alluring poetry about finally reaching light, warmth, and a familiar love after traveling through darkness and despondency. Aaron's voice is the strongest instrument here, set against gentle guitar and keys. This song is simultaneously delicate, beautiful and strong. Aaron's limited patience for over-production serves this song incredibly well. It stands on its own as a lovely conclusion to the EP."

- Bethany Boatwright (


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