Thursday, May 21, 2009

Profile #20 - LAUREN

This is Lauren.

I met her when I met Laura (seen below). They are roommates. They both bake amazing things. Mmmmm!

Lauren is so cool. She's fun and funny, sweet and courteous. (Yeah, I just used to word 'courteous'... deal with it.)

I like that Lauren tries to make everyone feel included and important. She seems genuinely interested in things I say, even if she probably isn't at all. That's really nice.

She is such a great and supportive friend.

It really means a lot to have Lauren on my record.


  1. well said aaron. i love lauren too...she's genuine, compasstionate and empathetic!!! we're so lucky to know her!!

  2. Oh gosh, you guys...thank you!! You are so wonderful and encouraging! Aaron, we already discussed this, but I think you're pretty awesome and it is an honor to be a part of your life and your album art!