Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hey guys!

The image above shows a young, handsome man wearing a heather gray t-shirt. That t-shirt is both soft and stylish. It is fitted to perfection.

In fact, the young, handsome man wearing the t-shirt doesn't even realize he is wearing clothes! Yes, the t-shirt is that perfect!

It's an American Apparel Aaron Hale t-shirt!


So, Here's the deal...

I'm giving away a brand new Aaron Hale t-shirt!

I know you have probably just wet your pants with excitement over that news, so I will give it a second to sink in...

Even if you haven't soiled yourself over it -- c'mon man, it's a free shirt!



Here's all you have to do:

Leave a comment on this blog (yes, the one you're reading) and, in said blog comment, tell me why you think you should win a deliciously free Aaron Hale t-shirt!

I will then pick what I think is the best reason, and that person who left said blog comment reason (could be you!) will win the deliciously, stupendously free Aaron Hale t-shirt!

The contest will end tomorrow (Thursday, April 30th) at 4:00pm (CST)!

Got it?!?!

Get goin'!!



  1. Does the shirt taste like chicken?

  2. Because you love me? And because you don't come back to NC nearly often enough, so I need a shirt so I can advertise for you!

  3. I deserve it :)
    ...i'm a big fan - i follow you on twitter and blogspot - you're also on my top friends on myspace...
    now that i sound like the ultimate creeper i will stop
    the end
    kelsey leanne

  4. Because my Reuben Collins shirt is lost, and I need some way to represent!

  5. Dear Aaron Hale,
    Once upon a time, in "Kermit, Tx" I sat on my front porch, waiting "For the Day" that I would find the right music "To Fall in Love" with. Instead of sitting and sighing, I decided to be proactive about my search. So, I left my home, told my family to "Say Your Goodbyes," and I left. I followed the "Trees" and stars, but then reminded myself that "No one Looks for Stars." Eventually I travelled to the great white mountains where I cried out in loneliness and got caught in an "Avalanche!" Needless to say, I got "Frostbite." But I soldiered on because I knew that a life with music is "The Way Life Should Be."
    So I continued on "From the Grave" to "The Salty Sea."
    I returned on"61804" thinking I'd made an "Awful Mistake," when I fell in "The Deep" end of my friend "Rachael's" pool where I heard a mermaid singing a song called "You Are." I asked the mermaid who could write such a song. She sent me to a purevolume site, because the internet works under the sea...and it was yours. I became a fan and have been since.

    So, Be Not So Fearful. I am the right choice for a free t-shirt.
    Molly Nesbitt (your Facebook friend)

  6. Of course I would have never lost my Reuben Collins shirt, it wore plum out I wore it so much. I have always been a huge fan and think the world of you my friend. Also I a one of the few people who remember Trout, and would tell the story. Lastly as a single Dad raising two small children, just after a bad divorce, working full time, coaching baseball, scout leader, working with diadvantaged youth, and walking uphill both ways and killing bear with a loose leaf notebook, I would consider it a real favor and it would truelly boost my spirits so that I may continue on in the Lords work. So if you LOVE you country, thats right the USA, send me a cool shirt.

    Hard working single parent

    Trey Bolton

  7. Here's why...
    Because I was there for you in the early days.
    The days of you singing "Sweetness" on the doubledecker.
    The days of you quoting Harry Carey/Will Ferrell to Benom Plum in the archery place.
    The days of you playing Worst Last Words walking up from riflery.
    But honestly, because the first time I saw you I remember hearing you/seeing you singing "Are you listening?! WA-O-O-O-A-OH! Sing it back! ...etc"
    Not to mention The Way Life Should Be just came on my shuffle on itunes...I think that's a sign.

    --Philip Jackson

  8. Because Stone Cold said so...

    Not good enough? Because I would hate to have to send strange sea creatures to your home in Kansas City to visit, along with the zombies.

    Still no? How about because I would love to have you back here in Texas to play for us and to have a free Aaron Hale t-shirt would be the tip of the sword, the advance guard if you will, to get people stoked about the idea of having THE Aaron Hale here in the small town of Quitman, TX where he would be well loved and received, and where there are no sea creatures or undead to speak of.

    Also because I love t-shirts and need a new one to wear around.

    And that's the bottom line!! (Figured it couldn't hurt to add that) Peace my brother.

  9. I like that everyones is long, I'll make mine short and sweet.
    I think I should receive your shirt because you deserve to be promoted as your talent is so fantastic! I also live in England, so just wait till you break into the charts in the UK, all from me wearing your shirt I won.

    Please :)

  10. Mathematically, why I should win the shirt:

    sqrt(a2+b2)[a/sqrt(a2+b2) + bi/sqrt(a2+b2)]=free t-shirt

  11. I'm fairly sure I deserve an official Aaron Hale Music (tm) overgarment because a.) my company printed the shirts, b.) I rock your world on a semi-daily basis, c.) we both like the first name Fernando (at least I assume you do), and d.) I took you to Taco Bueno.

    Top that, hulking masses!


  12. I retract my request and throw my support to Molly. That was tremendously creative.

  13. Because if you dont give me a shirt, i wont ever let you see our love child.

    Seriously though... its me.... waylon....

    if you dont give me a shirt i'll just leave you 100000000 comments on your facebook telling you to give me one... so get it over with.

  14. 1) Gray is my favorite color (my first son will be named Gradon, my middle name, and his nickname will be Gray)

    2) Orange is my second favorite color (you look great with an orange profile)

    3) I will wear it all the time (ask Erica how often I wear my 'To Write Love on Her Arms' gray t-shirt)

    4) I teach music and can be very influential to almost 300 kids who need to listen to some really great music.


  15. How about because giving me the t-shirt would earn you a LIFETIME SUPPLY of DELICIOUS baked goods?!

  16. I obviously deserve this fantastic heather gray lavish American Apparel Aaron Hale (wow that was a mouthful) t-shirt because, I don't know if you remember this, but some years ago I made my very own Aaron Hale tote bag.

    This tote bag was so nifty, it turned a few heads. So due to lack of compensation then, I guess you could sorta say you're in debt to me.

    THAT... and it just looks like an awesome shirt!... For me.

    - Alexis aka Ally Heart

  17. I just got pwnd by Molly...ouch...i need something to regain my confidence...a shirt perhaps?...hmmm...

  18. so, i know there's some fierce competition for this shirt.

    so i'll be brief.

    i don't deserve the shirt, but i need it. i need it for a few reasons. first, i am a brokeass college student who needs lots of hip awesome band tees to establish my hipness within the music community. secondly, since coming to denton, tx, i have noticed a severe lack of aaron hale advertisement. and what better way to advertise for your sweet band than a 5'2" banjo playing bike ridin' gal. thridly, we go back aaron. and my family knows your family, and we all play music together and it is fun. and most of all, i think i need this shirt because it's laundry time and i don't have enough quarters :[

    thanks for listening.

    your PAL,

    Chelsey Mulnix

  19. I am in HUGE need of a new T-shirt. So if I won this one, I would pretty much wear it all the time. Which equals free publicity.

    And I would pretty much say anything to get one. Like...

    When people ask who Aaron Hale is... I would say: "It's me."

    And when they found out it's not (whether immediately or weeks later) and confront me... I would say: "FINE! I'm not Aaron Hale. I just want to be like him. OKAY?! He play's great music and is awesome. Go look him up on myspace or something and get off my case!!" And probably just sprint off in a random direction.

    And I like the heather gray.

    Charlie Apel

  20. i deserve a shirt because we deserve a shirt.... ubuntu.

  21. All I have are old OMEGA t-shirts with bleach stains....I never had a Reuben Collins t-shirt, so yes, a new t-shirt would be wonderful.


  22. I should be the winner because I have been a fan of yours the longest of anyone else! (besides your mom, dad and sister!) AND... I LOVE COOL T-SHIRTS! :) I love your new stuff on MySpace... It's awesome!

  23. alright, honestly molly gets my vote. i mean goodness love!

    i however would be damn proud to rep you around the world with my little traveling feet along with all these other fans. i just came here to see what's slightly up in your world. you da bomb.

    lovins, meggzilla.

  24. I should get the shirt because I know a lot of people and am a really big deal. Haha.

  25. Aaron G. Hale don't give a shirt!