Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Beginning:

Let this blog show that today marks the beginning of my newest journey.

This coming Friday, March 27th, I will be flying to Florida to record a new demo at Inertia Sound Studio. I will be spending eight busy days with a few guys that I have never met in person to lay down a few of my songs.

I'm nervous and I'm excited.

I am believing that God has some big things in store for me on this journey and I want you all to be a part of it...

...which brings me to the title of this blog...


There is an African term that I have been pretty fond of over the last couple of years called "Ubuntu." It's a South African word and traditional philosophy that focuses on people's relationships with each other.

The concept of Ubuntu translates into the term "I am because we are."

In other words, a person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming, encouraging, and doesn't feel threatened that others are able and good because they have a self-assurance that comes from knowing that we all belong in a greater whole. We are all diminished when others are humiliated, or tortured, or oppressed.

Ubuntu means that we can only be human together. Our lives are woven together. We are all in this thing together. We are all broken and we are all just trying to figure it out. Together. We all want to feel like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves and we want to be interconnected with each other.

We all want to know that we aren't alone in our sadness, our loneliness, our confusion and doubt. We want our hearts to beat together and to be anchored in each other. We all want to be important and for our lives to mean something.

We can't do it on our own.

I need you.

You need me.

We need each other.

But most importantly we need Jesus Christ, who holds the whole world in His hands, and who created us to be together.

All of us.

I am because of you.

I am because we are.

Stay tuned for more news...

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Ubuntu? Anything to add?


  1. I know God has some big plans. Can't wait to watch everything unfold!

  2. Crayon,

    I love your passion for community and togetherness. I like the website for sure! Very creative and meaningful. When I saw your head I laughed and thought, "That's my (and Heather's) Crayon!" Looks good. I will put a link to this site on by blog as well.

    I hope a lot of good comes from this and your music.

    We'll talk more, or I'll just call and sing a new song on your voicemail. Any preferences?


  3. this is so inspiring to me...thanks for sharing your excitement and passion. i can't wait to see what is in store for your future!

  4. i think the way you are is a good reflection of the "ubuntu" philosophy. you're a true Christian, guillermo. wish you success in everything you do.

  5. Hey Aaron -
    I've really been enjoying your posts... I usually follow silently, but just felt the need to give kudos and well-wishes. I LOVE the silhouettes that you've been doing. As they say, "You've come a long way baby!" (That was actually an old cigarette ad, but oh well.)